Ladybug Trail #329

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Ladybug Trail #329

This trail gets its unique name from the fact that it starts near Ladybug Peak, a place where large numbers of these small, orange-colored, black-spotted beetles congregate at various times of the year. In addition to this interesting feature, Ladybug Trail has a number of other notable aspects which make it well worth a visit. For one thing, it’s a good place to see black bear sign or even to catch a glimpse of one of these impressive animals. Virtually all of the upper slopes of the Pinaleños are excellent bear country, serving as home to one of the most dense concentrations of black bears to be found in North America. The area this particular trail traverses, however, seems to be especially attractive to them. If that makes you a little uneasy, remember that black bears are shy and not as aggressive as their larger grizzly cousins. Still, they deserve your respect. The upper trailhead is located in stands of mixed conifers from which the setting changes gradually to oak woodland and eventually to manzanita and desert scrub as the trail drops into Jacobson Canyon at its lower end. Most people choose to travel the trail in this downhill direction because it is quite steep. A good reason to choose to go the other way, however, is if the upper trailhead is snowed in after a winter storm. Scenery along Ladybug Trail includes good overlooks of Jacobson Canyon and views of the Swift Trail (AZ 366) as it snakes its way up the mountain. In the distance, the Gila Mountains and Gila Valley provide a broad and scenic backdrop.

At a Glance

Open Season: January
Usage: Light
Water: No water.
Operated By: Safford Ranger District

General Information

Directions: From Safford drive south 8 miles on US 191 to the Swift Trail (AZ 366). Turn right (southwest) onto AZ 366 and drive about 17 miles to Ladybug Saddle. From the trailhead at the parking area on the left side of the road follow the Bear Canyon Trail #299 to the Ladybug Trail.



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Day Hiking

Canyon views and broad panoramas. Bear country. Ladybug country. Easy access. USGS Map(s): Mt. Graham. Turkey Flat Trail #330 provides access to the Ladybug Trail from the Turkey Flat summer homes area (1 mile).
Elevation desc5,200 - 8,780 feet
Difficulty Level: Most Difficult
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  Area/Length : 
5.9 miles

  Elevation : 
5,200 feet - 8,780 feet