Romero #8

A desert canyon stream and great views of Pusch Ridge and the Santa Catalinas await you along this popular trail. The hike starts in Catalina State Park and uses scenic Romero Canyon as an access route into the Pusch Ridge Wilderness. Even along its early stretches, this trail offers good views of the Santa Catalina Mountains and of Cathedral Rock towering over the pinnacles of Pusch Ridge. The climb toward Romero Pass includes several sections of steep switchbacks, some of which are rocky and rutted. Along initial stretches of the trail, heavy use has made the route hard to pick out from a maze of opportunistic pathways that branch off to random destinations. As you make your way toward the pass, however, broad vistas continue to increase in drama and occasional sightings of desert bighorn sheep add an extra element of excitement to an already rewarding hike. At Romero Pass you have a number of trails to choose from. Connecting trails provide routes to the summit of Mt. Lemmon, to the Wilderness of Rock area, and to the scenic Sabino Basin and Sabino Canyon area to the south and east. Cathedral Rock Trail #26, a rugged and difficult route, provides access from Romero Pass to all the Front Range trails.

At a Glance

Current Conditions: From January 1st to April 30th, traveling more than 400 feet off this Forest Service system trail is prohibited due to the bighorn sheep lambing season. 36 C.F.R. § 261.53(a) No animal may be brought, or allowed to enter, into the Restricted Area at any time during the year. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, dogs, domestic sheep, and goats. 
Usage: Heavy
Restrictions: Motorized equipment and equipment used for mechanical transport are prohibited. This includes the use of motor vehicles, motorboats, motorized equipment, bicycles, hang gliders, wagons, carts, portage wheels, and the landing of aircraft including helicopters, unless provided for in specific legislation.

Dogs are prohibited in the Bighorn Sheep Management Area portion of the Pusch Ridge Wilderness.
Information Center: Santa Catalina Ranger     520-749-8700

General Information

Directions: Drive 18 miles north from Tucson on the Oracle Road (US 89) to Catalina State Park. The Romero Trailhead is located within the park– follow the signs. Catalina State Park charges an entrance fee.


Day Hiking

Great views. Waterfalls and wildflowers. Access to Sabino Canyon. Watchable wildlife. Trails to Mt. Lemmon \& Pusch Ridge. 5.6 miles of the trail are in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness. The Romero Pools area has been damaged by overuse. Please take special care when you visit this fragile area.
Elevation desc 2,800 - 6,000 feet
Difficulty Level: More Difficult


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  Area/Length : 
6.6 miles

  Elevation : 
2,800 feet - 6,000 feet