Oneonta Trail (#424)

Area Status: Open
Oneonta Trail

Oneonta Trail is the most demanding trail of the three direct routes up Larch Mountain, due to a steep grade and the need to ford Oneonta Creek, which may be subject to flash floods during the spring but tends to be fairly dry in late summer and fall. Triple Falls, located found 1.7 miles into the trail, is one of the biggest draws of this hike, rewarding the uphill scramble with a view of this stunning triplet of rivulets formed where Oneonta Creek tumbles 100-135 feet. 

Triple Falls is only one of four waterfalls formed by Oneonta Creek but not all of them are visible from Oneonta Trail. The Lower Falls, which drains into the narrow slot canyon known as Oneonta Gorge, is not visible from Oneonta Trail. Middle Falls is visible from the trail. The upper falls are about 1 mile upstream from the middle falls and require climbing down a canyon wall to view.

With waterfalls, steep creek-weathered basalt cliffs, and good camping spots, Oneonta Trail has many great elements for an overnight trip. Please consult a good, up-to-date map when planning your hike.

This trail is within Mark O Hatfield Wilderness from Horsetail Falls Trail #438 to Multnomah Creek Way #444, which means bikes are prohibited and additional Wilderness retrictions apply. Mountain biking is only allowed between the summit of Larch Mountain until the Wilderness boundary at Multnomah Creek Way Trail #444

Oneonta Trail ends at Larch Mountain Road 0.3 miles south of Larch Mountain Picnic Area. For one of the most far-ranging views in the Columbia River Gorge, continue from Larch Mountain parking for another 0.3 miles along a trail that leads to Sherrard Point.

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Larch Mountain Road which accesses to top end of Oneonta Trail is managed by Multnomah County, check current status here
ONEONTA GORGE (separate from the trail) is closed until further notice. 
Open Season: Year round - snow dependent


Day Hiking

This hike begins at Oneonta West Trailhead, and connects with a number of other trails for short or long day hikes. Combining this trail with Horsetail Falls is a popular loop hike. Hiking to Triple falls makes a good day hike, at just over 4 miles roundtrip. If you plan to explore longer hikes by connecting to other trails, please bring the 10 essentials. Note: Several guidebooks and blogs mistakenly refer to the creek at Oneonta Gorge as "Oneonta Trail"; however, Oneonta Gorge is NOT an official trail.


This hike begins at Oneonta West Trailhead, and connects with a number of other trails for short or long day hikes. Consult a good up-to-date map when planning your trip and bring the 10 Hiking Essentials.