West Boulder Cabin


West Boulder Cabin

A recreation rental cabin on the Yellowstone District.

Location: 30 mi. SW of Big Timber, MT on W Boulder River. Adjacent to FS campground


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Maximum number of people: 5

(more than 3 nights in advance of your stay):

Information and "Last-Minute" Booking
(3 nights or less in advance of your stay):
Livingston Office
5242 Hwy 89.
Livingston, MT 59047
(406) 222-1892

West Boulder Cabin

At a Glance

Fees $75.00

General Information


Travel 16 miles south of Big Timber on US Highway 298 to McLeod; then west on West Boulder Road 7.5 miles to turnoff; and south another 7 miles on the West Boulder Road. Adjacent to West Boulder Campground.


Available all year.
14 mi. on gravel road.
Winter: ski, snowshoe or snowmobile short distance on county road.
Summer: drive all the way to cabin.

General Notes:

Power, elec & wood stoves & refrig available.
Water only in summer.

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