Sioux RD

The 163,000 acre Sioux Ranger District is located in the southeast corner of Montana and the northwest corner of South Dakota. The District is composed of eight separate Land Units and has often been described as "islands of green in a sea of rolling prairie." This is an appropriate description as the Federal Lands are hills or mesas of ponderosa pine rising above rolling grasslands. The area offers excellent antelope, mule deer, white-tail deer, and turkey hunting. The area is also rich in archeologicaland paleontological resources, produces some oil, and supports a sizable domestic livestock population.

The Sioux Ranger District is home to one of the largest population of merlin falcons in North America. There are numerous opportunities for dispersed recreation such as hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, snowmobile riding, and cross country skiing throughout the District.  There are no designated hiking trails, but most of the ridges are open and provide spectacular panoramic views.  Two stocked fishing ponds with populations of crappie, bass, and rainbow trout can be found on the District.

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