Sheltowee Trace Trail #100 Section 10

Area Status: Open

Section 10 of the Sheltowee Trace is located on Cumberland District. It begins at Clear Creek Lake and ends at KY 1274. The Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail is one of the most scenic areas on the Cumberland District.

Clear Creek to KY 1274. Parking available at Clear Creek Lake. Begins along Carrington Ridge leading south of Clear Creek Campground. Scenic ridge-top views just south of Forest Service Road 908. Passes through area known as the “Sinks” and past a natural arch. Hiking only past the intersection with Forest Service Road #906A. After crossing 908, trail passes through private land (be sure to stay on the trail) before intersecting with KY 1274.  

Hiking is permitted. Horse use, mountain biking, and motorized use are not permitted.

Trail Connectons: Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail Section 9 (11 miles) and Section 11 (5 miles)

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Sheltowee Trace section 10 (MM 47–51) has been relocated through Clear Creek Campground to avoid a land slide south of Clear Creek Picnic Area. Section 10 is foot only due to steep terrain and erosion concerns. There is an equestrian detour around using road 909.
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General Information


From Salt Lick, follow KY 211 south. Turn right on Forest Service Road #129 at the sign for Zilpo Recreation Area. Follow 129 past Clear Creek Lake and boat ramp. The picnic area will be on the right after the boat ramp.  


Parking is available at Clear Creek Picnic Area.


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9 miles