Sheltowee Trace Trail #100 Section 24 Hawk Creek

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Sheltowee Trace Trail #100 Section 24 Hawk Creek Map (pdf)

Sheltowee Trace Section 24 Hawk Creek of the Sheltowee Trace begins at the junction of I-75 and KY 909 on London Ranger District. The trail turns south and follows dry sandy ridges along old county roads. The trail crosses private land in this area.

Trail users must respect the rights of private landowners and stay on the trail.

Unlicensed motorized vehicles are not allowed on public roads.

The trail intersects Forest Service Road 4098 and 4095 before dropping into the Hawk Creek drainage. The creek is stocked with rainbow trout. A 100-foot suspension bridge crosses over Hawk Creek along the trail. Several waterfalls and overlooks occur in the area. The trail eventually winds its way up to KY 1956. 

The trail from KY 1956 to Forest Service Road 4255 is open to motorcycle use (single track only).

The walking distance from It’s only a quarter-mile walk from KY 1956 to KY 80. After crossing the highway, the trail descends to Poison Honey Fork before returning to the ridge top to join Forest Service Road 4255.

The trail section along Forest Service Road 4255 is open to only hiking and mountain biking.

The trail leaves 4255 and crosses Pine Creek at 2.3 miles south of KY 80. This section of trail is open to motorcycles (single track only) until intersecting with Forest Service Road 747. 

The trail continues along 747 and passes through a 300-acre reclaimed strip mine. The trail eventually drops into the Sinking Creek drainage. A suspension bridge is developed for creek crossing. Hiking and mountain biking only are allowed on this section of trail.

Trail Connections:
Sheltowee Trace Section 23 (13 miles) and Section 25 (10 miles)

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Hawk Creek and Sinking Creek suspension bridges are impassable due to flood damage. Hikers will need to wade through the creeks to continue along the trail. As a safety precaution, please do not try to cross any part of the remaining bridge infrastructures and always exercise caution when wading the creeks.
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Parking is available for several cars on KY 1956.

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Parking is available for several cars on KY 1956.

Day Hiking

OHV Trail Riding

The following trail segments are open to motorcycle use (single track only):

  • From KY 1956 to Forest Service Road 747
  • From Forest Service Road 4255 to 747

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