Tunnel Ridge Road

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Tunnel Ridge Road is the only connection between the trails in the Grays Arch area (Rough Trail and the Sheltowee Trace) and the Auxier Ridge area at the end of the driveable road. From KY 15, Tunnel Ridge Road is a five-mile ridgetop road. The last two miles are gated and closed to vehicular traffic, and the initial three miles can be very busy on weekends and holidays. At times, this road has been closed to vehicular traffic for maintenance.

Tunnel Ridge Road closed for repairs Aug. 3-21. Read News Release.

Tunnel Ridge Road Closure Map

Red River Gorge Brochure (pdf)

Tunnel Ridge Road features several primitive camping areas. Each camping area has a parking lot and vault toilet. Visitors must park in designated lots. Roadside parking on Tunnel Ridge Road is not permitted. From the parking lot, follow the foot paths to suitable camping locations. When setting up tents, be sure they are at least 300 feet away from the road, parking lot, and official trails. 

Remember to purchase your overnight camping pass at the Gladie Visitor Center or at several businesses in the local area.

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Select a campsite at least 300 feet away from the parking lot and road. Please do not camp or build fires in rock shelters or within 100 feet of the base of cliffs.

Many rock shelters contain rare species and sensitive resources. The white-haired goldenrod grows nowhere else in the world except the Red River Gorge. Some rock shelters are home to endangered bat species. Archaeologists have also found cultivated seeds in rock shelters from thousands of years ago that give clues to the early origins of agriculture in this area. These resources can be damaged by camping and firebuilding. 

Parking Areas:
Pinch'em Tight  Latitude: 37.80529033 Longitude: -83.65508786
Archaic  Latitude: 37.80566205 Longitude: -83.65791142
Fort Ancient  Latitude: 37.80522428 Longitude: -83.66126157
Sandstone  Latitude: 37.80524832 Longitude: -83.66578102
Paleo  Latitude: 37.80514244 Longitude: -83.66919143
Tarr Kiln  Latitude: 37.80826673 Longitude: -83.67432042
Woodland  Latitude: Longitude:
Pioneer  Latitude: 37.8097379 Longitude: -83.68276407
Auxier Latitude: 37.81987565 Longitude: -83.68086648

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At a Glance

Current Conditions: Tunnel Ridge Road closed for repairs Aug. 3-21. Read News Release.
Fees None
Permit Info: You must purchase a permit if you will be camping in the Red River Gorge (outside of  Koomer Ridge Campground) between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. 
Open Season: Open All Year
Closest Towns: Slade
Restroom: Restroooms are available at the trailheads.
Operated By: U.S. Forest Service
Information Center: Gladie Visitor Center
3451 Sky Bridge Road
Stanton, KY 40380  
859-488-1413 (2020 season)

General Information


From the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway, Take exit 33 (Slade). Follow Hwy 11 north 0.1 miles to Hwy 15. Turn right on Jwu 15 amd travel east  approximately 3.25 miles. Turn left onto Tunnel Ridge Road. The parking lots are along Tunnel Ridge Road. 


Parking is available at any of the trailheads along Tunnel Ridge Road. 


The pathways to the dispersed camping areas are not accessible. 


Camping & Cabins

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