Redbird Crest Trail System

Area Status: Open
This area is Open

2022 Recreation Fee Changes

On January 1, 2022 the Daniel Boone National Forest will implement the Forest-wide recreation fee changes. These changes will impact pass costs or fees charged at this recreation site. For more information about these changes, please visit the Recreation Fee Changes section of the website.

The Redbird Crest Trail is developed for off-highway vehicle riders, hikers, horseback riders and mountain bikers to enjoy year round. The trail makes a loop that begins and ends near the Redbird Ranger District office. Two inner loops and a connector trail to a private off-highway vehicle campground add to the recreational experience. 

The trail has three developed trailheads with vehicle parking. Signs at each trailhead indicate the type of use permitted along each section of trail.

Trails with in the system:

Motorized users must stay on trail sections that are designated for their vehicle type:

  • Trail sections 1-13, 5A, 6A, 6B and 7A – These sections are designated for motorized vehicles 50 inches or less in width. Vehicles more than 50 inches wide are not permitted on the trail.
  • Trail sections 14 and 15– Only street legal vehicles are allowed on this portion of the trail. Unlicensed vehicles must stay on trail sections designated for off-highway vehicle use.
  • Trail sections 16 through 22– Only single-track vehicles, such as dirt bikes, are allowed on these trail sections.

Redbird Crest Trail Map

Steep terrain in some areas may be challenging for beginners on off-highway vehicles. Inexperienced riders should always be accompanied on the trail. 

The trail is marked with orange diamond-shaped blazes. Trail symbols and signs are used at road intersections. 


  • Peabody OHV Trailhead  

Latitude: 37.14360869 Longitude -83.58006022

  • Sugar Creek OHV Trailhead  

Latitude: 37.12639657 Longitude -83.48399937

  • Bear Creek OHV Trailhead  

Latitude: 37.02263601 Longitude -83.53301195

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Section 7 is impassable due to damage from several downed trees.
Area Amenities: Accessible,Fee charged for some activities
Fees Permits are required for OHV use on this trail.  $15/day; $60/annual pass. Passes may be purchased at the district office or vendor. District offices offer a 50% discount on the annual pass for youth under 16, if proof of ATV safety training and parental supervision are provided at the time of purchase. A helmet is required for all riders.
Permit Info: A Special Use Permit is required for commercial activities (for example: fishing tournaments, boat rentals, trail rides, outfitter guides, races, etc). A permit is also required for all noncommercial group uses involving more than 75 people.
Open Season: Open All Year
Usage: Medium
Restrictions: Motorized vehicle users must follow these rules:
  • Riders must wear a helmet when riding on national forest land.
  • Motorized vehicles must stay on the officially designated trail system.
  • Cross-country travel and off-the-trail hill climbs are prohibited.
  • Unlicensed vehicles are prohibited on public roads and highways. On trail sections 14 and 15, only licensed, street legal vehicles are permitted.
  • Kentucky law prohibits the consumption of alcohol in public places and prohibits open containers of alcohol. (Order DB-02-15)
  • Shortcutting a switchback on trails PROHIBITED. (Order DB-08-15
  • Operating a bicycle, motorbike, or motorcycle on a trail unless designated for this use. 36 CFR 261.16 (n).  
The following are PROHIBITED (Order DB-02-15
  • Operating a motor vehicle on a Forest designated trail without an approved Department of Transportation helmet.
  • Operating any motor vehicle on open Forest System Roads in violation of any Commonwealth of Kentucky traffic or motor vehicle law.
Vehicles 50 inches or less in width may ride all designated OHV trails identified on the motor vehicle use maps. Vehicles greater than 50 inches in width are prohibited. Vehicles greater than 50 inches wide may use Forest Service roads which are identified on the Motor Vehicle Use Map as open to the public. These vehicles must be licensed for road use according to state laws.
Closest Towns: Manchester, KY
Water: No drinking water available.
Restroom: Restrooms are available at the trailheads.
Operated By: U.S. Forest Service
Information Center: Redbird Ranger District
91 Peabody Road
Big Creek, KY 40914

General Information

General Notes:


  • Motorcycles and off-highway vehicles are allowed on the Redbird Crest Trail system. Vehicles must be less than 50 inches wide.
  • OHVs cannot be licensed or registered in Kentucky. They are not street legal and cannot operate on trail sections 14 and 15. Only licensed, street legal vehicles are permitted on these trail sections. 
  • Cross-country travel and off-trail hill climbs are prohibited. Motorized vehicles must stay on trail sections designated for their particular use.   


The toilet facilities at Peabody trailhead, Bear Creek trailhead and Sugar Creek trailhead are accessible. 


From the Hal Rogers Parkway, take Big Creek Exit #34. Turn right at the end of the exit ramp onto KY 66. Go 0.7 miles (passing under the parkway) to the intersection with US 421/KY 80. Turn right and go 0.8 miles, and then turn left onto KY 66. Continue on KY 66 for 1.7 miles. The Redbird Ranger District office is on the right and the Peabody trailhead is on the left. 


Parking is available at trailhead parking lots  (Peabody trailhead, Bear Creek trailhead and Sugar Creek trailhead)

Recreation Map

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Horse Riding & Camping

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OHV Riding & Camping

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Fee charged for some activities A fee is required for motorized use of the trail.
Accessible The toilet facilities at the trailheads are accessible.