Little Cultus Lake

little cultus lakeLittle Cultus Lake is a 175-acre lake nestled in the pines a few miles off the Cascade Lakes Highway. With good fishing for rainbow and brook trout, Little Cultus is a great place to take the family for a quiet weekend of fishing and camping. Rainbow trout angling, 11-17 inches are the primary fishery. Brook trout stocking ended in 1997 but some fish up to 16 inches are still found.

Little Cultus' gently sloping shorelines are easily wadable. The deepest spots, up to 60 feet deep, are in the center of the lake. Angler’s troll flashers with a trailing night crawler or use single lures, such as a gold Thomas lure or yellow Rooster Tail. Trolling slowly along drop-offs is a commonly used technique here. Bank fishing is best along the north shore of the lake, using bobbers and worms, spinners, spoons, or a marshmallow and worm fished near the bottom. The fish at Little Cultus Lake often surface feed on emerging damselflies and mayflies. Fly fishers should be well prepared with mayfly dries, ant imitations in sizes 10 to 14, damsel nymph imitations, and Woolly Buggers. Searching the shallower areas of the lake with wet flies, early and late in the day is especially effective.

Little Cultus Lake offers a quiet, wooded area with primitive camping. Road surfaces are dirt or gravel. Little Cultus Campground, on the southeast comer of the lake, charges a fee and has a picnic area, outhouses, a hand pump for drinking water, and a paved boat ramp.

Motorized and non-motorized boats are allowed on this body of water. 

For boat launch information see Little Cultus Boating Site

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  • Vehicle Access: Little Cultus is 50 miles southwest of Bend off of Forest Service Road 46, then to Rd. 4630, and then Rd. 4636.
  • Fishing Access: Little Cultus Lake campground and boat.
  • Boating Regulations:  See boating regulations.
  • Fish Species Present: Brook trout, rainbow trout
  • Physical Characteristics: Size: 175 acres; Depth: 60' max.; Elevation: 4750'
  • When/How to fish: Early in season, Sept & Oct. Get a weekly fishing report from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Popular Fishing Methods: Trolling, float tube, anchor boat, bank fishing
  • Bait/Lure Fishing Method: Night crawlers with bobbers, marshmallow & worm, poke around & cast flies or spinners or spoons into the holes & pockets.
  • Fly Fishing Methods: Early morning and near dusk troll or drift flies like tied-back caddis, dark woolly worms, and bucktail caddis
  • Insect Hatch/Flies to Use: Dry mayfly, ant imitations, damsel nymph imitations, and wooly buggers
  • Camping Information: Little Cultus Lake Campground

Source: “Fishing Central Oregon-Third Edition”, 1998. Geoff Hill, Brooke Snavely, and Raven Wing. Sun Publishing, 716 NE 4th Street, Bend, Oregon.

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