6 Harris Rim Loop

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This 14 mile long trail (not including spurs) is located in a remote area with minimal use. This trail system provides many loop options. Contained in this trail section are some outstanding vistas and amazing trail riding opportunities. 

Trail spurs include:

61 Strawberry Ridge:
This spur is just under 7 miles and connects the southernmost end of the main trail back to Highway 14.

62 Upper Road Canyon Loop:
This loop is just under 3.5 miles and can be accessed via Spur 63 Lower Road Canyon Loop

63 Lower Road Canyon Loop:
This spur is just over 2.5 miles long and serves to connect Spur 65 Swains Creek to Spur 62 Upper Road Canyon Loop.

64 Everett Hollow:
This spur is just over 5 miles long and splits off of Spur 65 Swains Creek, parallels it, and then ties back into it farther to the south.

65 Swains Creek:
This 8 mile long spur starts off of Highway 14 and parallels Swains Creek until it ties back in with the main trail near the Pink Cliffs.

66 Billingsley Creek:
This 2.5 mile spur connects the main trail to Spur 65 Swains Creek right near the Spur 65/Highway 14 intersection, northeast of the Swains Creek subdivision.

67 Swains-Rim Connector:
This 2 mile spur connects the main trail to Spur 65 Swains Creek just south of the Swains Creek subdivision.

68 Lydia’s Canyon Overlook:
This 2.5 mile spur meanders south from the southern end of the main trail and leads to a lookout point just above the Pink Cliffs of the Virgin River Rim immediately above Lydia’s Canyon. Views of Zion National Park and the surrounding areas can be seen from this location.

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