5 Strawberry Loop

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This 12½ mile trail and its spurs lead to some spectacular vistas.  It starts near Aspen Mirror Lake near the town of Duck Creek and about a mile north of Highway 14. It heads south from the trail head and crosses Highway 14 near the east edge of Duck Lake.  The trail then heads west and passes the Duck Creek Visitors Center.  From the Visitors Center the trail turns south and passes the Ice Cave which provides a great place to climb into and “chill out”. Continuing south, you pass a couple of pull-outs that provide outstanding vistas to the south, overlooking Deep Creek and the Zion Canyon area. This trail then turns east and drops down Lars Fork and eventually ties into the Strawberry Valley where it turns north and ties back into Highway 14. 

Spur trails include:

51 Cascade Falls
This 3 mile spur takes off near the intersection of Trail 5 and Highway 14 and heads west and then turns southwest near the Cow Lake and Dry Valley area. It continues southwest and crosses the Virgin River Rim non-motorized hiking and mountain biking trail, and ends at the edge of the Pink Cliffs overlooking Zion National Park and the surrounding areas. The trail head for the Cascade Falls Hiking Trail is located at the end of the OHV trail and leads to the Cascade Falls water fall/lava tube.

52 Duck Creek Village
This 5 mile long spur starts on Highway 14 and goes southwest through the Duck Creek Village Subdivision and continues onto National Forest until it ties in with the main trail below Duck Lake.

53 Willis Creek
This 6 mile long spur starts in Duck Creek Village and heads south. It then takes a turn and parallels the Duck Creek Village spur until it ties in with the main trail just north of Lars Fork and Broad Hollow.

54 Broad Hollow
This 5 mile long spur starts off the main trail near the Strawberry Valley Subdivision, heads west and ties in with the main trail just south of the intersection of the main trail and the Willis Creek Spur.

55 Lower Broad Hollow
This 4 mile long spur begins about a half a mile southwest of the Broad Hollow Spur and ties into the Broad Hollow Spur near its midpoint after winding its way first south and then back north to the junction.

56 Lars Fork Loop
This four and a half mile long spur dips to the south off of the main trail as it travels through Lars Fork, winds its way south and then back north, tying in to the main trail in again in the Lars Fork area.

57 Zion View Connector
This mile long spur forks off of the Lars Fork Loop spur and heads south, tying in to a road system on private land.

58 Strawberry Point
This 5 mile long spur continues southwest as the main trail turns west into Lars Fork. It winds around a bit and then dead ends at Strawberry Point, a place locally renowned for its panoramic views down into Zion National Park and surrounding areas from on top of the Virgin River rim.

59 Color Country
This spur is less than t3 miles long and ties the Duck Creek Village Spur into another area within Duck Creek Village.

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