Big Tree Trail Package #1

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The Big Tree Trail is a 0.7 miles (1.4 km) self-guided interpretive trail, descending from 1,804 feet (550 meters) to 1,640 feet (500 meters). Hiking time is approximately 40 minutes, one-way. The trail is rated as moderate in difficulty, and is steep in some places. It is asphalt paved throughout and several rain/picnic shelters are located along the way.

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The Trail originates at PR 191, km 10.4 in the EYNF El Yunque Recreational Area. Parking is available in the adjacent paved parking lot, and at desingated areas along the road.



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Day Hiking

Along the trail, you will be serenaded by the pleasant buzzing whistle of our tiny black and yellow native warbler with the silly-sounding name; “Bananaquit”. After crossing one of the many clear mountain streams, you may encounter a lovely Puerto Rican Emerald Hummingbird (“Zumbadorcito” in Spanish) sipping nectar from a bright red Hibiscus flower, or even be inspected by a family of Mongoose hurriedly crossing your path.  But never approach or interact with a mongoose, as they can carry rabies.

Elevation desc 1804 to 1640 feet

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  Area/Length : 
.7 miles

  Elevation : 
1640 to 1804 feet - 1804 feet