Crystal Lake Trail #351

View of Crystal Lake from the shore

The Crystal Lake trail accesses the lake from both the north and south sides. From the north, the trail winds 2.3 miles through flat forests and fields and then sidehills down to the lake. The same trail comes 4.4 miles to the lake from the south side across mild terrain. The north trail is open only to hikers. The south trail is open for the following uses: hiking and horseback riding. This trail is located in the Wilderness.

PLEASE NOTE: The bridge on the Crystal Trail from the south is out (Beaver TH).  Please use caution when fording the river.

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Usage: Heavy
Closest Towns: Seeley Lake

General Information


For the North trail: From Hwy 83 turn west onto road 79 near mile marker 35. Road #79 bends often, so beware that following the road may not always mean continuing straight. After 3 miles bear right instead of straight, following signs for 79 and the Lindbergh Lake Campground. Travel 0.6 miles from here and turn right, following signs Trailheads/Bunyon. It will be a total of 11 miles (or an additional 7.4 miles) to the trailhead which is at the end of the road.

For the South trail: From Highway 83, turn west onto Forest Service Road #906 near mile marker 31, just before the cell phone turnout site with the Lolo National Forest sign. Continue up this road for 7.4 miles to the Crystal Lake Trailhead South, located on the right.

Recreation Map

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Day Hiking

Horse Riding

Horses are not allowed on the Crystal Trail from the Bunyon Trailhead (north side of lake).

Horses are allowed on the Crystal Trail from the Beaver Trailhead (south side of lake).

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