Mission Mountains Wilderness

A hiker looks out over a vista in the Mission Mountain Wilderness.High mountain lakes. Impressive mountain views. Wild landscapes. Solitude. These are just some of the words used to describe the Missions Mountain Wilderness.

With a trail system to lead you to the more popular lakes, and plenty of countryside to practice your wilderness route finding skills, the Missions has something for every type of recreationalist. Take your kids on an easy hike to Glacier Lake. Or challenge yourself to use wilderness skills traveling to Mollman Lakes.

People enjoy the Leave No Trace atmosphere as they walk along litter-free trails, watch wildlife that has not been tamed by food handouts from people, and challenge each other on who can hang a better bear bag.

The Mission Mountains Wilderness is bordered by the Salish- Kootenai tribal wilderness; please contact 406-675-2700 for information regarding access and use.

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities