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Snapshot from Miller Lake Topo Map showing vicinity

Snapshot from Miller Lake US Forest Service Topo Map (.pdf)

The Miller Lake Trail is 2.5 miles long and travels along the south shore of  Miller Lake. The trail is easily accessed at Digit Point Campground and Miller Lake Road 9772 east of Mt Thielsen. A popular trail for fishing, mixed conifers including hemlock, white pine, white fir and sugar pine, provide shade in the area. Osprey, eagles, loons and grebes are local residents so keep an eye out for wildlife. June and July are heavy mosquito months, so be prepared.

Miller Lake Trail joins Maidu Lake Trail on the northwest side of Miller Lake. From here you can continue around the lake to hike about an easy 5 mile loop around the lake, or follow Maidu Lake Trail west into Mt Thielsen Wilderness. From it's starting point on the east side of Miller Lake, the 4.5 mile Maidu Lake Trail travels west to cross the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail #2000 on it's way to Maidu Lake within the wilderness.

Miller Lake Trail is open for the following uses: Hiking, Mountain Biking. Bikes are not allowed beyond the Wilderness boundary.

At a Glance

Fees: No fee at trailhead
Usage: Light-Medium
Restrictions: Wilderness regulations apply within Mt. Thielsen Wilderness.
Closest Towns: Chemult, OR; Klamath Falls, OR
Water: Water at Digit Point Campground during open season
Restroom: Toilet at Digit Point Campground during open season
Operated By: Forest Service
Information Center: Chemult Ranger District

General Information


Miller Lake and Digit Point Campground are located 35 minutes west of Chemult, Oregon.

From Chemult, take U.S. Highway 97 north towards Crescent, Oregon, for approximately one mile and then turn left onto Forest Service (FS) Road 9772 and follow to the trailhead and campground. 

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2.5 miles