Dead Horse Rim Trail #139


Campbell Lake area trail vicinity map.

Lakes Loop, Cache Cabin, Dead Cow and Deadhorse Rim trails vicinity map. 


This trail route travels up and over Dead Horse Rim to Forest Road 34. It crosses the South Fork of Dead Cow Creek, Dead Horse Creek, and Augur Creek. It provides the only improved access into the Dead Horse and Augur Creek Roadless Areas and the Dead Horse Rim Whitebark Pine Research Area.

Dead Horse Rim Trail #139 connects into theCache Cabin Trail #148 (area is unavailable). This arrangement provides a loop trail opportunity back to the junction of Dead Horse Rim Trail #139 and Lakes Loop Trail #140 of approximately 12 miles in length.

At a Glance

Usage: Light-Medium
Closest Towns: Paisley, OR
Operated By: Forest Service
Information Center: Paisley Ranger District

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Lee Thomas Trailhead


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  Area/Length : 
14.0 miles

  Elevation : 
6280 feet - 8130 feet