Trail #233 Trail of Two Forests

Area Status: Open
Boardwalk with Interpretive Sign

This ¼ mile long boardwalk trail leads you over a 2,000 year-old lava flow from Mount St. Helens. Lava ran through the forest and around trees, which burst into flames. The lava solidified around the trunks and trunks rotted away, leaving tree wells, voids in which the impressions of the bark remain. Interpretive signs along the route tell the story of this ancient event. Climb down a ladder and through a dark, tree well. Enjoy today’s forest of fir, hemlock, and brilliant, green moss growing on the old lava. The boardwalk is accessible and kid friendly. Picnic tables and a pit toilet are available.

To protect fragile geologic features and plant life, please stay on the boardwalk.

At a Glance

Current Conditions: 06/08/2023: Trail of Two Forests is open and clear of snow.
Closest Towns: Cougar, WA
Restroom: Vault Toilet (1) at trailhead
Operated By: Forest Service
Information Center:

General Information


Trail of Two Forests Interpretive Site and trailhead (Forest Road 8303). 


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Day Hiking


If you bring a flashlight, you can enter the log crawl, a horizontal log cast tunnel over 60 feet long. 


Picnic tables provide a great place to eat lunch. 

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  Area/Length : 
0.3 miles

  Elevation : 
1860' - 1885'