Sherburne Pass Loop

From the Appalachian Trail/Long Trail parking lot on US Rte. 4 in Mendon, follow the AT/LT south. The trail crosses a bridge and bears left, then climbs gradually to the Churchill Scott Shelter at 1.9 miles. The shelter is located on a spur trail 0.1 miles from the AT/LT. Continue on the AT/LT south, and you will continue to climb gradually to the intersection with the Sherburne Pass Trail at 3.8 miles. At this junction, the AT/LT continues to the right in a southerly direction to Cooper Lodge and Killington Peak, on its way to Georgia. To continue the Loop, turn left here onto the Sherburne Pass Trail. You will soon pass Pico Camp, at 4.3 miles, and the Pico Link Trail, a 0.4 miles spur trail to the summit of Pico Peak. Follow the Sherburne Pass Trail as it descends to U.S. Rte. 4 at 6.8 miles. Use extreme caution crossing U.S. Rte. 4: it is a busy highway. Sherburne Pass Trail continues on the north side of U.S. Rte. 4. Follow it as it climbs gradually through a rocky talus area and open hardwoods to the Appalachian Trail junction at 7.3 miles. The AT North continues to the right in an easterly direction to Gifford Woods State Park (1 mile), on its way to New Hampshire and Maine. Continue the Loop by following the Appalachian Trail South (which travels northerly for a short stretch). You will soon pass the southern (7.4 miles) and the northern (8.1 miles) Deer Leap Trail junctions, and come to the Long Trail Junction (Maine Junction) at 8.2 miles. The Long Trail continues to the north to Tucker Johnson Shelter (0.4 miles) and Canada. To continue the Loop, take a left and follow the AT/LT south back to the AT/LT parking lot on US Rte. 4 at 12.2 miles.

Sherburne Pass Loop Recreation Opportunity Guide

At a Glance

Usage: Light
Restrictions: No horses, mountain bikes, or motorized vehicles
Closest Towns: Food and Services: Rutland restaurants and fuel stations. For all Emergencies: 911; 911 Information: The trailhead is in the Town of Mendon on Route 4.
Operated By: Forest Service

General Information


From Rutland, travel east on Route 4. Trailhead parking is on the south side of Route 4 at 9.3 miles.

From Rochester, travel south on Route 100 for 19.5 miles to its intersection with Route 4. Travel west on Route 4. Parking is on the south side of Route 4 at 1.5 miles.


Day Hiking

Hiking Trail - Average hike time: 7-8 hours Length: 12.2 miles
Elevation desc Max. Elevation Change: 1700 feet
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities

Trail Partners on the Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forests


  Area/Length : 
Length: 12.2 miles

  Elevation : 
Max. Elevation Change: 1700 feet