Uncompahgre Wilderness

Uncompahgre Wilderness

Uncompahgre Wilderness covers 102,721 acres within the north-central region of the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. The Wilderness spans the Uncompahgre National Forest (99,399 acres) across two Ranger District boundaries and lands administered by Bureau of Land Management. Elevations range from 8,400 to 14,309 feet. Points of interest include: Uncompahgre Peak (14,309’), Wetterhorn Peak (14,015’), Matterhorn Peak, Coxcomb Peak, Silver Peak, Slide Lake, and Big Blue Creek.

Uncompahgre Peak's unusual broad, flat, tilted summit falls away almost vertically on three sides for as much as 1,500 feet, a landmark visible from far away. Its fourth side lies gentle and inviting to many climbers. Most climbers approach Uncompahgre Peak on three miles of trail up the Nellie Creek. Wetterhorn Peak (14,015 feet) stands just southwest of Uncompahgre Peak. The trail up Matterhorn Creek provides access to Wetterhorn Peak after three miles of hiking.

Water off Wildhorse Peak near the southwest corner combines to create the turbulent and deep Cow Creek Canyon, which is rough and densely forested enough to prevent trails being established here. American Flats lies south of Wildhorse Peak and north of the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway.

Trails lead into the wilderness from trailheads located in the West, Middle, and East Forks of the Big Cimarron River, which flow north out of the central area of the Wilderness. The Big Blue Trail, beginning south of the campground by the same name, also is a major route into the Wilderness. Several trails near the town of Ouray lead into the wilderness from the west.  Ridgway, Ouray and Lake City are the closest towns to this Wilderness.

While the lowest elevations of the Uncompahgre Wilderness may be snow free starting in June, the normal snow-free conditions are from mid-July to early September, but conditions vary from year to year.

Trails to the 14,000-foot peaks are heavily used. High use of these trails creates a heavy impact on fragile landscapes. Please stay on established trails. Always use Leave No Trace techniques to help keep this area wild, clean, and pristine.

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At a Glance

Usage: Medium-Heavy
Restrictions: Wilderness restrictions apply.
Closest Towns: Ouray, Colorado; Ridgway, Colorado;  Lake City, Colorado
Water: Treat all non-potable water before consuming.
Operated By: Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management
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