Hungry Gulch #665


The Hungry Gulch Trail #665 is relatively flat and easily traversed; there are desirable sites for dispersed camping from mile 1.5 to mile 3.5, where trail travels through mature ponderosa pine ocassionally mixed with aspen and sage. The trail drops off a small ridge and enters a pure Ponderosa Pine stand before entering and open meadow.  It travels through Ponderosa, aspen and sage and intersects with the Gill Creek Trail #602.  From the intersection of the Gill Creek Trail it continues at a moderately steep grade and follows a fence line to end of trail at the intersection with the Rocky Pitch Loop Trail #664.

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At a Glance

Open Season: June
Usage: Light
Best Season: Summer
Restrictions: Open to Hiking, Horseback, Mountain Bike, and OHVs less than 50" in width.
Closest Towns: Grand Junction, CO

General Information



Take Divide Road, FSR #402, to the National Forest Boundary.  From the Forest Boundary, go 3.8 miles to where the Big Creek Rd., FSR #403 forks to right.  Trail begins on right (west) side of road, marked by a carsonite informational marker; trail starts off to the Northwest.


From the Forest boundary, travel 1.8 miles on Divide Road, FSR #402, to the beginning of the Rocky Pitch Loop Trail  #664.  Travel West on Rocky Pitch Loop for 1.6 miles to intersection with Hungry Gulch. There is a fence corner at the intersection of the two trails.  Fence parallels Hungry Gulch Trail on right.



From the Big Creek Rd., FSR #403, fork.  T. 15S, R. 101W, Sec. 24.  U.S.G.S. Map: Keith Creek.


From the Rocky Pitch Loop  Trail #664. T. 15S, R101W, Sec. 2.  U.S.G.S. Map:  Snyder Flats.



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Horse Riding & Camping

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OHV Riding & Camping

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OHV Trail Riding

Areas & Activities


  Area/Length : 
7.8 Miles

  Elevation : 
8,120 - 8,240


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