Little Johnson #617


The Little Johnson Trail #617 serves as an access route to the lower country between the Tongue and the Spring Creek Truck Trail.  The trail descends off the Tongue, through Johnson Basin down the Big and Little Johnson drainages, and eventually intersects with FSR #598 which can be taken to the east to the Big Johnson Lower Trailhead, and further south to the Spring Creek Truck Trail FSR #668.  The trail loses a considerable amount of elevation from the upper to the lower trailhead and is fairly rough in the lower section as it travels down the Little Johnson drainage, but provides access to a relatively remote part of the plateau.

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At a Glance

Open Season: June
Usage: Light
Best Season: Summer
Restrictions: Open to Hiking, Horseback, Mountain Bike, and OHV less than 50" in width.
Closest Towns: Grand Junction, CO

General Information



Travel south 27.2 miles on the Divide Road, #402, from the Northern Forest Boundary to its intersection with the Johnson Basin Road, FSR #425.  Turn right (southwest) onto the Johnson Basin Road and travel approximately 2 miles to the location where the Johnson Basin Road splits in a large open meadow.  The Johnson Basin Road forks left (west/southwest), and the right fork, FSR #425.2A, heads west/northwest.  Stay right and travel approximately 0.9 miles to the Upper Little Johnson Trailhead. 


Travel 4.72 miles down the Little Johnson Trail to the lower trailhead.  The Little Johnson Lower Trailhead can also be accessed by travelling south from the Campbell Point Road, FSR #411, and by travelling north from the Spring Creek Road, FSR #668.



Off of fork of Johnson Basin Road, FSR# 425.2A. T. 49N., R. 16W., Sec. 15. U.S.G.S. Map: Uncompahgre Butte.


Off of FDR #598 (W 622.1) south of Johnson Basin.  T.  49N.,   R. 16W.,  Sec. 28. U.S.G.S. Map: Atkinson.



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  Area/Length : 
4.7 miles

  Elevation : 
7,000 - 8,700


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