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Historic Cemetary on Grand Island

We hope you`ll enjoy your tour of some of the island`s scenic vistas and historic sites. Each stop on the 2 1/2 to 3-hour motorized tour is designed to familiarize you with another aspect of Grand Island`s long and interesting history.

As you prepare to embark on the tour, there are a couple things visitors should note. First, at this time not all of the tour stop locations are fully accessible - sites are not hardened and terrain may be uneven - but we hope that visitors will none-the-less enjoy experiencing Grand Islands` uniqueness. And second, visitors should note that accessible rest rooms are only located only at Williams Landings, Trout Bay Beach, Murray Bay Beach, and Juniper Flats. Please contact Grand Island Ferry Service, Inc (Facebook or Website) at 906-387-2600 for information on fees and ferry times.

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From the intersection of M-28 and H-58 in Munising drive west 2.5 miles on M-28 toward Christmas. Watch for the large gray Grand Island National Recreation Sign on the right. Turn right on Grand Island Landing Road and follow it to the landing.

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Tour Stops

1) Williams Landing: The landing, named for the island's first European settler, has been a hub for human activity on Grand Island throughout time. The landing's location, protected from the prevailing NW winds, and its terrain make it an ideal location to land a boat - whether it be an Ojibwa or voyageur canoe, an early steam-driven shipping vessel, a tug and barge, or a modern passenger ferry!

2) Historic District: During the 1900s when Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company purchased Grand Island, company president William G. Mather invited friends and business associates to build summer homes on lots leased form the company. Over time, these Grand Island homes were passed down through generations or sold.

3) Murray Bay & Cemetery: The cemetery, tucked away on a small tract of private land on Murray Bay, is the resting place of several of the island's earliest settlers as well as some of their recent ancestors. It seems appropriate that this cemetery lies beside Murray Bay, whose protected waters have been sought by many a storm-tossed boat over the years. In fact one such ship, after suffering storm damage and finally reaching Murray Bay, sank in the bay's shallow waters in 1870.

4) Duck Lake: Once a lagoon on Grand Island's shoreline, Duck Lake is a good spot to watch for waterfowl, often seen here.

5) Stone Quarry Cabin: This 1850 vintage Forest Service owned structure was recently renovated and restored to its original condition. It got its name from a nearby quarry on the island which produced stone to build a charcoal furnace for the manufacturing of iron on the west side of Munising Bay across from Grand Island (at Bay Furnace Recreation Area).

6) Trout Bay Beach: Formed by the action of wind and water, this long, gently arching beach connects the main body of Grand Island to its "thumb". One of the island's two expansive beaches, Trout Beach is popular among both summer and winter visitors.

7) Trout Bay Overlook: The breathtaking view from this vista makes it the perfect place the area's geologic history. The forces of wind, water, ice and time which have formed and reformed the scene, are still at work today reshaping Grand Island's sandstone cliffs and sandy beaches, as well as those of Pictured Rocks also visible from here.

8) Mather Beach Area: In contrast to the protected, sandy beach at Trout and Murray Bays, Mather Beach is a narrow, cobbly beach with its face to the prevailing wind. This rugged location has attracted humans over the times, for a variety of reasons. But it is easy to imagine that all visitors to this location share a sense of wonder at the beauty and power of Lake Superior

9) Waterfall Beach Overlook: From Waterfall Beach Overlook you can see nearby Williams and Wood Islands. Stairs lead to a narrow, cobbled beach with its face to the prevailing northwesterly wind - a beach that contrasts sharply with the sandy beaches found elsewhere on the Island. This rugged location is a great place to rock pick and look for agates.

10) Thunder Coves Trail: This 800-foot long trail runs along hemlock and pine forested cliff edges. Contemplate the power and beauty of Lake Superior as you listen to the roar of the waves in the rocky coves

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