Grand Island Farm Field

Area Status: Open
people standing in a field of flowers

Since 2008, native plants are being reintroduced back into the farm field landscape. This is done to reduce impacts posed by non-native invasive plants (weeds). By restoring native plants and maintaining the farm field in its current open condition we can provide necessary habitat for pollinator species, such as the Monarch butterfly.


During the Resort Era (1900-1950), Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company workers created this opening for a farm because of the good location and soils. They grew cabbage, carrots, turnips, hay oats, timothy and alsike (a swedish perennial clover). Many of these vegetables would be used in the William's hotel restaurant


Viewing Plants

As you walk among the wildflowers, watch for monarchs and skippers soaring and gliding. The pollinator habitat created here will provide essential habitat for future generations of Monarch butterflies.

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