Snowy Mountain Range

A photo of one mountain hill with trees and rocks. A lake is at the base of the mountain hill.

The Snowies is the farthest east geographic area and is primarily in Fergus County with smaller portions in Golden Valley County. The geographic area includes both the Big and Little Snowy Mountain ranges. The Snowies display prominent changes in elevation accentuated by surrounding grassland, high plains, and foothill savanna.

The Little Snowy Mountain range has a rich cultural history, beginning with first peoples then homesteading. Today, large ranches maintain the open character of the area. Pine Grove Cemetery continues to be the final resting place for early Euro-American occupants. The Little Snowies are separated from the Big Snowies by a subtle break in topography. It is characterized by foothills that are partially forested with mostly ponderosa pine. In general, the country is semi-arid and dominated by grassy vegetation. Landform is rolling with slopes that are gentle to flat, except where creeks have dissected them. Creeks within the Little Snowies are small and often run dry during the summer months. The major drainages are Willow Creek and the North Fork of Pole Creek, both of which drain south to the Musselshell River.

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Brochure of hiking opportunities in the Crystal Lake area.

Bears may frequent the area; keep all food out of sight in approved containers and remove all food from area after eating. Mandatory food storage is required.

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