Panorama Loop Mt. Bike Route

Mountain Bike Route consists of three consecutive loops on jeep roads and graded dirt roads. There are spectacular vistas overlooking Mono Lake and the Mono Craters, which exhibit some of the most exemplary volcanic phenomena in the area. The nearest facilities are at the June Lake Junction. This area can get hot and dry in the middle of the summer - extra water and a patch kit are recommended.

At a Glance

Closest Towns: Lee Vinng, CA
Information Center: Mono Basin Scenic Area Visitor Center 760-647-3044

General Information

Directions: Follow Hwy 395 north, turn right 200 yards north of the June Lake Junction. 100 yards down this dirt road is a kiosk. Park here.


Mountain Biking

Tips for Mountain Biking


Stay on Open Forest Roads

• Closed roads will be posted.  Not all bicycle trails are open to OHV use.

• Comply with the signs and barriers, and leave gates as you found them.

• Wilderness areas are off-limits to all bicycles and motorized vehicles.


Protect the Environment

• Minimize erosion by staying on trails and not cutting switchbacks.

• Meadow, lake shores, stream banks and vegetation are easily damaged.  Avoid wet, muddy areas as they are more susceptible to erosion.

• Do not drive on snow-covered roads!

• Teach new riders trail etiquette.

• Don't litter!  Pack out more than your share.  Lead by example


Ride Safely, Stay in Control

• You share the forest with other users.  Be considerate of hikers and equestrians.  Horses can be unpredictable, so yield to them.

• Wear your helmet and protective gear!


Plan your Trip

• Take the 10 essentials

• Be prepared for sudden changes in weather.

• Don't ride alone, be sure to tell someone where you plan to ride and then stick to your plans

• Don't take unnecessary chances - help for emergencies may be miles away.


Difficulty Level: Intermediate

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  Area/Length : 
10.5 Miles