Simmons Ridge Trail #78


Simmons Ridge trail work

Description: This 8.5 mile single track secondary trail traverses Simmons Ridge from the mouth of Simmons Creek on the St. Joe River off of the Red Ives Road to Road 346 near Simmons Peak. There is no water near this lengthy trail, so bring all that you need for a long strenuous hike. The beginning of the trail at Road 218 is the steepest part even with a number of switchbacks. Typical of the long ridges of this area, steep sections of trail are broken by flat benches of breath-catching beauty that are home to some impressive stands of grand fir, Douglas-fir and western larch. Use of this area is light and wildlife is abundant. The views along the trail above Swimming Bear Lake are outstanding. A person can incorporate loops with Trails 74, 478 and 284, if you have someone to pick you up or if you are riding a motorcycle. There is room for several tents and a couple of vehicles at both trailheads. There is also room for small camps along the trail.


Approximate travel time from Avery to the Simmons Ridge Trailhead is 50 minutes.

• From Avery drive upriver on Forest Highway 50 for 29.5 miles to Gold Creek.

• Turn right at Gold Creek onto Road 218 and continue upriver 1.4 miles to the Trail 78 Simmons Ridge Trailhead.



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