Wonderful- Shefoot Trails


The area is forested, steep, rugged and predominately national forest land. It is dominated by the North Fork of the St. Joe River (North Fork), Loop Creek and the nearby peaks. It is bounded by the North Fork on the west, the Coeur d’Alene River Ranger District and the Montana stateline on the north, Bird Creek Road on the east and the St. Joe River on the south. Elevations range from 2500 feet at the St. Joe River to 6838 feet at Stevens Peak. Early mining, logging and railroad activities within this area left abundant cultural resource sites including the Route of the Hiawatha Rail-Trail.

Roads traverse this area with main access up the North Fork, Bullion Creek and Loop Creek and along the state line. Loop Creek to Shefoot and the state line are very popular routes for ATV riders. Both roads have dispersed camping sites all along the roadway. There is one developed campground at Telichpah Campground.

St. Joe Divide Trail #16

Packsaddle Trail #26

Lucky Swede Trail #60

Wonderful Peak Trail #178   Summer 2017: Cleared

Bear Creek Trail #185

Nelson Ridge Trail #186  Summer 2017: Cleared

Big Dick Trail #189

Long Liz Trail #190   Summer 2017: Cleared

Turner Peak Trail #191   Summer 2017:  Cleared

Skookum Creek Trail #193

Clear Creek Trail #194

Telichpah Creek Trail #196   Summer 2017: Cleared

White Woman Trail #501   Summer 2017: Cleared



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