Upper St. Joe Trails


The Upper St. Joe Trail system some of the most remote trails on the District and is primarily within a recommended wilderness area. A study for this area (then called Bean Bacon Roadless Area) done by the Wilderness Institute (University of Idaho) in 1978 describes it as follows:

"The overall spirit of wildness within the Bean Bacon is not one of majesty or magnificence; the Bean Bacon is not another Glacier Park. Within the St. Joe country lies a power much more reserved than that of granitic splendors, dramatic peaks. There, the power lies in a timeless and tranquil sense of place, inherent in the cool, clear waters of the St. Joe River and in the abundant wildlife which inhabit the area’s forests. One is never alone when walking in this country, for to walk on this land is to walk with it."

It is forested throughout and dominated by the St. Joe River from Red Ives to its headwaters at St. Joe Lake. Wildlife is common and fishing is outstanding. This area has many cultural resource sites and shares the Red Ives Historic Ranger Station with the Simmons area. There are developed campgrounds and dispersed camping along the few roads in the area. It is bounded by the St. Joe River in the north, the Clearwater Divide in the south and east, and Beaver Creek Road 303 and Timber Creek Road 201 in the west. This area is favored by many people. People camp, hunt, fish, day hike, back pack, ride and pack stock, ride motorcycles and ATVs.

Road access is from Red Ives Road 218, Heller Creek Road 320 and Gospel Hill Road 715. These roads are traveled by all kinds of traffic from full-size vehicles to ATVs. An area restriction prohibits use of motorized vehicles within the "Wild" segment of St. Joe River corridor from Spruce Tree Campground to St. Joe Lake except for Roads 320 and 715.

Trails are primitive but are in good condition. Seventeen trails total 96.9 miles. Two very popular trails, St. Joe River Trail 48 and St. Joe Lake Trail 49, are non-motorized trails. Trail 48 is one of the few on the St. Joe Ranger District with a gentle grade, and Trail 49 accesses the magnificent views off of the state line. See the St. Joe Motor Vehicle Use Map for motorized trail riding opportunities.

Beaver Creek Trail #37

St. Joe River Trail #48

St. Joe Lake Trail #49

Timber Creek Trail #54

Pass Creek Trail #61

Bacon Loop Trail #66

Neversweat Trail #69

Elbow Ridge Trail #79

Broken Leg Trail #230

Clearwater Divide Trail #233

Copper Ridge Trail #263

Line Creek Trail #279

Copper Creek Trail #477

Bean Divide Trail #610

Yankee Peak Trail #611

Beaver Peak Trail #623

My Creek Trail #694

Yankee Bar- Neversweat Trail #754




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