Simmons- Stateline Trails


This area is characterized by numerous high-mountain streams; steep, rugged terrain; the Idaho/Montana state line on the Bitterroot Divide; and many cultural resource sites including the historic Red Ives Ranger Station which includes a fee rental cabin. Elevations range from 3350 feet along the St. Joe River to 7690 at Illinois Peak. It is bounded by the Bitterroot Mountains on the northeast, the St. Joe River on the south and Forest Highway 50 and the Red Ives Road 218 on the west. There are six developed campgrounds in the vicinity and dispersed camping all along the roadways. The roads are mostly on the periphery except Road 1278 which is located in the heart of Simmons Creek.

Three Lakes Divide Trail #72   Summer 2017:  Cleared

Wampus Creek Trail #73   Summer 2017: Cleared

Wahoo-Indian Divide Trail #74

Sherlock Creek Trail #76

Heller-Simmons Divide Trail #77 

Simmons Ridge Trail #78 

Simmons Creek Trail #80   Summer 2017: Cleared

Pegleg Mountain Trail #81

Indian Peak Trail #284

Washout Point Trail #290   Summer 2017: Cleared

Indian Creek Trail #478

Stateline Trail #738



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