Beale Wagon Road Historic Trail #61

Area Status: Open
Camels carry supplies and tools for the Beale Wagon Road charting crew.

This historic trail has as much to offer the modern traveler as it did the ranchers and immigrants of the 1860s and 70s when it was a 1,240-mile route stretching from Ft. Smith, Arkansas, to the Colorado River. Broad vistas stretch out across a backdrop of high mountain peaks. Significant portions of the landscape through which the road winds remain in nearly the same condition as when they were first encountered by Edward Fitzgerald Beale in 1857 when he was chosen to chart the road's course.

A variety of access points provide for hikes of varying lengths. The trail segments crossing the Kaibab National Forest traverse a total of 23 miles and are open for hiking and horseback riding. Travel by motorized vehicle is prohibited on sections of the Beale Road located off of Forest Service roads. If you prefer to travel by vehicle or mountain bike, you can follow along in the areas where the historic Beale Wagon Road exists as a current Forest Service road.

Laws Spring, with its historic and prehistoric rock carving and original road segment, is a popular access point for the trail. Another access point is at the junction of FR 100 and FR 107 about 7 miles north of Parks. Other access points are marked on the ground.

Remember, if you encounter artifacts such as pottery sherds, debris from stone tools, projectile points (dart points or arrowheads), historic cans or bottles, please leave them in place for others to enjoy. Also, please do not touch the petroglyphs at Laws Spring. Oils from your fingers can damage them. It is against the law to remove, deface, or damage archaeological materials on federal lands.

Please help us protect the Beale Wagon Road's colorful history
so that other's may enjoy!

Beale Wagon Road Historic Trail Brochure and Map

Arizona Highways interview with Neil Weintraub, KNF South Zone Archaeologist  (You Tube)

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At a Glance

Fees: None.
Best Season: Late spring to fall.
Water: None. Bring everything that you need.
Restroom: None.

General Information


Access: There are a variety of access points to the Beale Wagon Road Historic Trail segments on the Kaibab National Forest. Two major access points are as follows:

  1. Laws Spring - From Pittman Valley (exit 171 on Interstate 40), drive north on FR 74 for about 7 miles to FR 141. Turn right on FR 141 and continue for a half mile to the intersection with FR 730. Turn left on FR 730 and go about 2 miles to FR 115. Turn left on FR 115 and follow it for about 2 miles to FR 2030. Travel on FR 2030 for a little less than 1 mile to the parking area.
  2. Junction of FR 100 and FR 107 - From Parks (exit 178 on Interstate 40), take old Route 66 east to FR 107. Take FR 107 north to its intersection with FR 100.


A basalt boulder has been engraved with the words Laws Spring.

General Notes:

NOTE! Please respect private property boundaries and request permission before crossing or entering these lands.



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Difficulty Level: Easy to Intermediate

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  Area/Length : 
23 miles

  Latitude : 

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  Elevation : 
5480 - 7640