North Timp Snowmobile Route #152

Area Status: Open
North Timp Snowmobile Trail

The route to Timp and North Timp Viewpoints is a beautiful drive through a ponderosa pine forest. Both points offer a panoramic view of the Grand Canyon and its tributary canyons. Timp Point is the only known, easily accessible point on the Kaibab Plateau where it is possible,with binoculars, to see Thunder River as it emerges from the north wall of Tapeats Canyon.

Cool, summer camping is available here with an excellent opportunity to view wildlife, particularly the Kaibab squirrel, deer, fox, turkey, hawks, eagles and a number of songbird species.

At a Glance

Fees: None
Best Season: Winter
Water: None
Restroom: None

General Information

General Notes:

Directions from Kaibab Plateau Visitor Center (North to South).
Follow orange diamond signs.

North Timp Snowmobile Route directions with map (.pdf)

  • From the parking lot follow orange diamonds SW from kiosk.

  • Trail intersects shortly with Forest Road 461; turn right onto FR 461.

  • Go past Forest Service Jacob Lake Work Center building sign and turn left onto FR 282.

  • When you see FR 212 turn left on to it for about .5 mile.

  • Turn right and go through a meadow called West Fork Warm Spring Canyon.

  • This meadow parallels FR 282 for 3.5 miles.

  • At the end of the meadow turn right on to FR 282.

  • When you see FR 429 turn right for 1 mile.

  • Go left on FR 462, which turns into FR 270 after 10.5 miles.
    (Crosses over FR 22.)
  • Travel on FR 270 (1 mile) then turn right on to FR 222.

  • FR 222 ends at FR 206, but you want to stay right onto FR 206.

  • Soon after being on FR 206 then turn left onto FR 271.

  • FR 271 splits and to go to North Timp Overlook stay right to FR 271A.

*Hwy 67 is closed to the public in the winter
*Please stay on road route if snow is thin to protect sensitive resources.


Can park at the Kaibab Plateau Visitor Center parking lot.

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Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Difficult

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40 miles

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