Kisatchie Hills Wilderness Trail

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There are four separate wilderness trails that have three separate trailheads that are accessible from a vehicle. (Backbone Trail, Turpentine Hill, High-Ridge, and Caroline Dormon) The Backbone Trailhead is located at what is also the Caroline Dormon trailhead and is equipped with a parking area, restrooms, trash receptacles, and an information bulletin board. The other two are trailheads that have limited parking and are equipped with traveler forms and a drop box for filled out information forms for your trip.

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Directions: From the intersection of I-49 and Highway 6 (Natchitoches), drive west on Hwy 6 for 7 miles. Turn left (south) on Louisiana Hwy 117 and proceed 16 miles to Forest Highway 59, Longleaf Trail Scenic Byway. Turn left (east) on FH 59 and go to FR 339 or FR 329 for trailheads.



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Horse Riding & Camping

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Horse Riding

Backbone Trail: The Backbone Trail is the main trail out of the 4 separate wilderness hikes. One trailhead is just off FH 59 (Longleaf Scenic Byway) on FR 329 at the Caroline Dormon/Backbone Trailheads. The other end is located on FR 339, also just off FH 59. The complete trail is 7 miles long and is intersected by all three of the other wilderness trails. High Ridge Trail: The High Ridge Trail is 1.5 miles in length and joins the Backbone Trail about 3 miles from the FR 339 trailhead. Scenery and landscape photo shoots are a favorite from this trail because, like it's name, it stays up on a high ridge where the view is not obstructed. Turpentine Hill Trail: The Turpentine Ridge Trail has a trailhead located between the Caroline Dormon Trailhead and the entry road for the Longleaf Vista Recreation Area on FH 59. There is a small grass parking area at the trailhead with a drop box and entry forms for persons using the trail to let the Forest Service know your whereabouts just in case you run into trouble. Explorer Trail: The Explorer Trail is a very short 1/2 mile trail that connects to the Turpentine Hill Trail just south of where the Turpentine Hill Trail connects to the Backbone Trail. There is a very scenic view area and unique sandstone outcrops along this trail. A must see for all visitors and why not, it's just a 1/2 mile.
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