Valentine Lake Loop Trail

Area Status: Open

Valentine Lake Loop Trail travels along the full north shore of Valentine Lake and then breaks away to the north to make a complete 3.4 mile loop through a diverse variety of ecosystems. It winds through flat to hilly upland pines to mixed hardwood creek bottoms. Wildflowers and plant species can be abundant at certain times of the year. Hiking or biking is allowed and is rated as an easy trail. Wildlife can be observed at any time along the trail because of its remote surrounding forest. Caution should be given if a visitor encounters a snake. The best policy is to quietly back away and give it some space. Walk around it if possible, otherwise be patient and let it finish traveling across the trail before proceeding. Valentine Lake is now free of charge except for the camping facilities. Parking at the day-use area to use the trail is also free. Picnicking, canoeing, camping, birdwatching, and more are all available at Valentine Lake Recreation Complex.

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Difficulty Level: Easy

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Difficulty Level: Easy

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3.4 miles

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