Bull Lake Area

Recreational opportunities abound in the Bull Lake area from camping and boating on Bull Lake to Wilderness hikes in the Cabinet Mountains.  There are several fully developed campgrounds with full service and campground hosts.  The beautiful Ross Creek Cedars area with interpretive trail and picnicking is a popular destination.  There are hiking and horseback trails, dispersed camping and lots of opportunities for a variety of activities.  The scenery is spectacular along the Bull River Road and the area is home to bears, deer, elk, small mammals and birds.  Recreation is year round in the area with snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing in the winter.  The landscape in the area is very diverse from low elevation timber and lakes to the outstanding peaks in the Cabinet Mountains and Scotchman Peak area. 

Recreation Map

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Sand Play

Areas for Sand Play at Bull Lake Area

Mountain Biking

Areas for Mountain Biking at Bull Lake Area

Road Cycling

Electric bikes (e-bikes) are now becoming popular throughout the United States and there has been some confusion about whether they are considered motorized vehicles and where people may ride them.  The Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest would like to clarify where e-bike riders are allowed to ride. 

The Forest Service recognizes that technology continues to rapidly change, including the design and capability of e-bikes and other related modes of travel. As a starting point, certain applicable laws provide direction to how e-bikes are defined and where they may be operated:

 The Forest Service Travel Management Rule defines motor vehicles as any vehicle that is self-propelled, with the exception of a vehicle that travels on rails or fits the vehicle criteria for “mobility use” for mobility impaired individuals. The Forest Service considers technologies that merge bicycles and motors (gas, batteries or electric powered) as motor vehicles. E-bikes, therefore, would be considered a motorized vehicle and not allowed on non-motorized trails.

Campground Camping

In the Bull Lake area most campgrounds are open from May through September 30 (weather permitting). The elevation of the campgrounds and other sites range between 1800-2800 feet. Typical campsite facilities common to all sites include, picnic table, grill and/or fire ring, tent pad and pathways. Most campgrounds have universally accessible facilities. Generally, campsite parking spurs were designed to accommodate a variety of recreation vehicles. Most spurs are back-in sites; lengths range between 22-50 feet and spur widths range between 12-24 feet.

Status: Open

Areas for Campground Camping at Bull Lake Area

Lake and Pond Fishing

Areas for Lake and Pond Fishing at Bull Lake Area

River and Stream Fishing

Areas for River and Stream Fishing at Bull Lake Area

Horse Riding

Areas for Horse Riding at Bull Lake Area

Big Game Hunting

Boating - Motorized

Areas for Boating - Motorized at Bull Lake Area

Boating - Non-Motorized

Areas for Boating - Non-Motorized at Bull Lake Area


Areas for Swimming at Bull Lake Area

XC Skiing/Snowshoeing

Areas for XC Skiing/Snowshoeing at Bull Lake Area

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities


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