Wofford Lookout

Area Status: Closed
This area is Closed

Lookout:  Wofford

Wofford lookout has a seven foot square Aermotor MC-39 steel cab that sits on an eighty foot high tower. It was erected by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in 1933.  At the base of the tower sits the observer’s cabin which is a wood framed structure also built in 1933 by the CCC.  The cabin measures 12’ X 16’ and has a gable roof, and narrow wood slats for siding.  The storage shed, constructed in 1937 measures 7’ X 10’ and is also a wood frame structure.  Both the cabin and shed were restored in 2012 in preparation for use as a cabin rental which is soon to open for public use.

Access to the tower site is by foot traffic only with access to the tower itself being closed to the public.

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