Santa Lucia Ranger District

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[image} Poppies on Grass Mountain - Figueroa Recreation Area

The Santa Lucia Ranger District offers a diversity of outdoor opportunities. These lands are yours - to visit, to care for, but most of all, to enjoy. What are you waiting for? Pack up your family and friends and head for adventure in America's Great Outdoors. The Santa Lucia Ranger District offers a variety of recreational opportunities... hiking and backpacking, trail riding by horse, mountain biking, off-highway vehicles, hunting, camping and picnicking, and don't forget vibrant wildflower displays each spring especially in the Figueroa Recreation Area.

Recreation passes are required for use of certain recreation sites and areas in the forest, and for certain facilities and services. 

Parks Management Concession Company

For more information about concession-managed campgrounds and day use areas in the Los Padres National Forest, please visit:

Adventure Pass

On the Santa Lucia Ranger District, the Adventure Pass is only required at the following campgrounds: Hi Mountain, Miranda Pine, Horseshoe, Bates, Brookshire and American Canyon (deer hunting season only). Contact the Santa Lucia Ranger District office for more information about purchasing and using the Adventure Pass at (805) 925-9538 or contact your nearest Big 5 Sporting Goods Store.

Disperse Camping

Contact the ranger station for disperse camping information: (805) 925-9538 Mon-Fri, 8:00-4:30pm.

At a Glance

Information Center: Santa Lucia Ranger District: (805) 925-9538. Call Mon-Fri, 8:00am - 4:30pm.

General Information

General Notes:

Dogs are always welcome on the Los Padres National Forest. Please keep them under control at all times to respect the resource and other visitors. We recommend you keep your dog on a leash. Never leave them unattended. Dogs allowed to roam freely can frighten or injure wildlife, disturb other forest visitors, and create impacts to the natural resources. A dog that is excessively barking, aggressive, or chasing animals is not under control.

In campgrounds and picnic areas, dogs mst be kept on a leash. Dogs must wear a collar with current tags at all times, as state and county laws apply on National Forest System lands.



Mountain Biking

Areas for Mountain Biking at Santa Lucia Ranger District

Campground Camping

Areas for Campground Camping at Santa Lucia Ranger District

Dispersed Camping

Contact the Santa Lucia Ranger District for information about dispersed camping. Call: (805) 925-9538 ext. 0 Monday -Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm. Dispersed camping is allowed in turn-outs on Figueroa Mountain Rd or Zaca Ridge Road/Catway Rd when it is open. (closed intermittently during the winter). Disperse camping is NOT allowed at day use areas or trailhead parking areas. Please pack out all of your trash and human waste. Please check current fire restrictions.

Day Hiking

Santa Lucia Ranger District offers a multitude of day hikes. Figueroa Mountain allows our visitors to choose from several available trails, and roads to hike, mountain bike, or horse-back ride. Highway 166 grants a handfull of public land access points to our visitors. Hi Mountain offers access into the Garcia Wilderness and along East Cuesta into Santa Lucia Wilderness. West Cuesta shares a beautiful botanical natural area and Cerro Alto Trail Loop (day hiking). 

Areas for Day Hiking at Santa Lucia Ranger District


Areas for Backpacking at Santa Lucia Ranger District

Horse Camping

Areas for Horse Camping at Santa Lucia Ranger District

Big Game Hunting

Small Game Hunting


Areas for Picnicking at Santa Lucia Ranger District

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities


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