Figueroa OHV Recreation Area

Area Status: Closed

Catway 29W02 - Open - This route loops around Figueroa Mountain where the trail can begin on Zaca Ridge Road or near Davy Brown Campground. More difficulty.

Zaca Ridge Road 8N02 - Open - This route begins at Figueroa Mountain Road and follows Zaca Ridge until it meets at a dead-end. Easiest

June 1, 2021 - The Catway OHV Route (8N03) - Figureoa Mountain OHV Area. This 2.5 mile long narrow trail is a connecter from Sunset Valley Rd. to Catway/Zaca Ridge Road and is the only trail in the area that is open to OHV use when it is open. It is currently closed.

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Temporariliy closed - OHV Roads 8N16 and 8N32 (East Pinery Rd) are closed due to concerns related to dead and dying hazardous trees that pose a safety risk to visitors. These areas will remain closed until the public safety risk is mitigated by cutting the hazardous trees.


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