Big Creek Trail #377

Area Status: Temporarily Closed

This trail provides access to the south side of the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness.  The trail climbs in elevation roughly 2300 feet in 5 miles of hiking.  Visitors will see beautiful wildflowers in the spring, multiple species of birds as well as many other forest creatures.  The trail connects to Skyline Trail #385 which connects to other trails allowing for backpacking and loop hikes of longer distances. Camping is possible all along the trail with good opportunities for solitude. Water is scarce from mid-summer on. The trail passes through areas that were burned in wildfires. 

Big Creek Trail Brochure

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Visitors should be prepared for rapidly changing weather conditions. Please remember that if you pack it in, please pack it out with you.
Usage: Light
Restrictions: Wilderness Regulations apply. Motorized and mountain bike use prohibited.
Closest Towns: Seneca, OR; Prairie City, OR
Information Center: Prairie City Ranger District

General Information


From Prairie City, OR., turn south onto Main Street. Follow South Main Street to the junction with Bridge Street turn left onto Bridge Street and follow out of town, the road then becomes County Road 62.  Follow County Road 62 to the junction with Forest Road 16 at Summit Prairie. Turn west onto Forest Road 16, follow for approximately 7 miles to the junction with Forest Road 924. Follow Forest Road 924 for approximately 2.5 miles to the junction with Forest Road 1648, follow Forest Road 1648 for 0.5 miles to the junction with Forest Road 021. Follow Forest Service Road 021 approximately 2.5 miles to the Big Creek/Snowshoe Trailhead.


Day Hiking

Recreation areas with activity Day Hiking:

This trail is 5.3 miles that climbs roughly 2300 feet in to the beautiful Strawberry Mountain Wilderness.  Hikers can choose to hike the 10.6 round trip trail or connect to Skyline Trail #385 and head east approximately 5 miles to the junction with Snowshoe Trail #380.  Following the 3 miles Snowshoe Trail #380 hikers can get back to the Big Creek/Snowshoe Trailhead allowing for a nice loop hike. 

For those looking to hike further can head west on the Skyline Trail #385 to have access to beautiful lakes such as Slide Lake, High Lake and Strawberry Lake. 

These trails are shared with horse riders, please be prepared to share the trail.  Remember to pack out what you pack in, there is no garbage service in the area.


Recreation areas with activity Backpacking:

Hikers can enjoy a multiday backpacking trip starting on the Big Creek Trail #377. Follow this 5.3 mile trail from the Big Creek/Snowshoe Trailhead to the junction with Skyline Trail #385.  Hikers can then choose to travel east approximately 5 miles on the Skyline Trail #385 to it's junction with Snowshoe Trail #380.  Follow the Snowshoe Trail #380 west approximately 3 miles back to the Big Creek/Snowshoe Trailhead. 

Those wishing to have opportunities for longer hikes can hike the Big Creek Trail #377 to the junction with Skyline Trail #385.  Following the Skyline Trail #385 west hikers can then connect to further trails to enjoy mutliple opportunities to see lakes, beautiful sceneary and animals. 

Horse Riding

Recreation areas with activity Horse Riding:

Horse riders can enjoy this trail starting at the Big Creek/Snowshoe Trailhead.  The trailhead has horse facilities and room for to park horse trailers.  Following Big Creek Trail #377 riders can enjoy a wonderful day of riding by taking the 5.3 mile trail or connecting to Skyline Trail #385 and riding further either east or west.  Those wishing to making an approximately 13 mile loop ride, travel the Big Creek Trail #377 5.3 miles to the junction with Skyline Trail #385.  Follow Skyline Trail #385 approximately 5 miles to the junction with Snowshoe Trail #380.  Riders can then follow Snowshoe Trail #380 back to the trailhead. 

Other options would be to ride west and connect with other trails to travel futher into the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness.

This trail is used by hikers, please be prepared to share the trail.

Please use certified weed free hay, remove any unused hay when leaving the area.

If you pack it in please pack it out there is no garbage service in the area.

Viewing Wildlife

Recreation areas with activity Viewing Wildlife:

Visitors to the area have the opportunity to see a range of wildlife.  Big game animals such as Rocky Mountain Elk, mule deer, black bear, cougar, pronghorn antelope and mountain goats live throughout the area.  For the bird watchers the area is abundant with a wide variety of birds.  Smaller creatures such as squirrels and chipmunks are also very prevalent in the area.

Viewing Scenery

Recreation areas with activity Viewing Scenery:

Visitors traveling the trail can enjoy a mix of scenery on this trail.  From open areas that look out across other ridges to timber.  The area burned in a wildfire during the late 1990's affording visitors the opportunity to see how nature recovers after such events.

Recreation Areas

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  Area/Length : 
5.3 miles

  Elevation : 
5500 - 7840