Red Tail Rim Trail North Trailhead

Area Status: Open
A table, fireplace and parking area at the Red Tail Rim Trailhead

In addition to ample parking, this Trailhead has a picnic site and hitching posts for tacking up horses for day rides.

At a Glance

Current Conditions: 11/2/2023: No drinking water or trash services.
Area Amenities: Picnic tables, Toilets, Drinking water, Parking
Fees: No fee.
Permit Info: Trail permits are not required.
Open Season: Facilities open as weather and road conditions permit; usually early June to late October.
Usage: Light
Busiest Season: July and August
Restrictions: When parking overnight or for extended periods at trailheads always secure all food, packaging and ice chests in the trunk of your vehicle.  Do not park in front of gates or partially obstruct a fire road.
Water: Drinking water and stock water.
Restroom: Vault Toilet
Operated By: US Forest Service
Information Center: Big Valley Ranger District  530-299-3215

Recreation Map

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Mountain Biking

Red Tail Rim Trail is a shared trail.  You may encounter hikers, runners, horses and pack stock.  You are responsible to ride at a speed that is safe for the distance you can see ahead.  This means if there is a blind corner, you must be able to come to a complete stop if there are people and horses around the corner.  Bicycles must yield (complete stop off the trail) to horses, pack stock and hikers.

Horses may be easily spooked by a bicycle and cause injury to you or their rider.  Always come to a complete stop and step to the downhill side of the trail while hikers, horses and pack stock pass.  Yielding and observing trail courtesy will promote good will among shared users and ensure the mountain bikes will be welcome on trails in the future.

Day Hiking

Red Tail Rim Trail is a shared trail.  Bicycles must yield to hikers.  Hikers must yield to horses and pack stock.  Horses may be easily spooked by hikers wearing backpacks, carrying walking sticks or fishing poles and may cause injury to you or their rider.  Always stop and step to the downhill side of the trail and wait for horses and pack stock to pass.  Speak to horses and riders in a calm quiet voice as they pass.

Horse Riding

Riding horses on the Red Tail Rim Trail is very popular.  This is a shared trail.  You should expect to encounter hikers, runners, bicycles and other stock on this trail.  Safety and good trail manners mean horses always have the right away.  Hikers and bicycles should stop and wait for you to pass.  Always accept this courtesy even if your horse does not require it.  If they do not yield, move your horse to the safest position for passing and wait for them to pass.  Never insist on the right of way or become verbally abusive. 

Please report dangerous incidents and all accidents to the District Ranger or Law enforcement personnel.   


There are two picnic sites at this location and water.  Day use ends at 10pm.  There is no overnight camping or parking at this location.  Please do not park vehicles so they block access to the hitching posts for horses.


Picnic tables: Two sites are available
Parking: Ample parking for horse trailers.
Toilets: Vault Toilet
Drinking water: Drinking water and stock water.

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