Old 1916 Trail #537

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This trail was designed for mountain bikes. There are several great views of Mount Hood along the way. Route options are available by combining this trail with the many trails in the area. 

This trail starts at Skyline Road (3,400’) and ends at Pacific Crest Trail #2000 (3,240’). Starting at Skyline Road, the trail twists and turns its way on a mix of single track and road 4.2 miles north to the Pacific Crest Trail #2000. The trail is 4.2 miles north to Pacific Crest Trail #2000. For an outstanding 15.4 mile loop around Timothy Lake, combine this trail with Miller Trail #534, Headwaters Trail #522 and Timothy Lake Trail #528. There is a 0.15 mile portion of the Pacific Crest Trail #2000 between Timothy Lake trail #528 and Old 1916 Trail #537 where bikes must be walked.

Trail Description and Map (PDF file)

At a Glance

Closest Towns: Government Camp, OR
Passes: A valid Recreation Pass is required at Joe Graham and Pacific Crest trailhead from May 15th to October 1st.
Operated By: Forest Service
Information Center: Zig Zag Ranger District, Zig Zag Ranger Station

General Information


To reach the southern end from Portland, OR - follow US Hwy 26 40 miles east of Sandy to Skyline Road (Forest Road 42). Turn right onto Skyline Road (Forest Road 42) and follow it for 8.2 miles to a pullout on the south side of the road. Visitors can park here and access Old 1916 Trail #537 on the north side of the road.

To reach the north end from Portland, OR - follow US Hwy 26 40 miles east of Sandy to Forest Road 42. Turn right (south) on Forest Road 42 (Skyline Rd.) and travel 1.1 miles to Forest Road 4290. Turn right (west) Forest Road 2660 and travel 2.5 miles. Turn left (southwest) on Forest Road 2660 and travel 0.9 mile to Abbott Road (Forest Road 58). Turn left (southwest) on Abbott Road (Forest Road 58) and travel for 1.7 miles to Little Crater Lake Campground. Turn right and follow the campground loop to the west end and park in the Little Crater Lake Trail parking lot. Follow Little Crater Lake Trail #500 west for 0.3 miles to the Pacific Crest Trail #2000. Turn left (south) on Pacific Crest Trail #2000 and follow for it for 0.5 mile to the beginning of the Old 1916 Trail #537 which is on your left (east).



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Mountain Biking

This area is near the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) so please note: bikes are prohibited on the PCT.


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  Area/Length : 
4.2 miles

  Elevation : 
3240' - 3500'


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