Timberline Trail- Newton Creek west to PCT


Timberline Trail #600 vicinity map.

Timberline Trail #600 vicinity map.


Section of: Timberline National Historic Trail

This section from Netwon Creek west to the pacific Crest Trail is about 5.6 miles long, and has two major stream crossing, Clark Creek and White River. No bridges are available at these crossings. Depending on the time of day and weather conditions these crossing can be very difficult. Generally in the mornings are the best time to cross when the water flow is lower as opposed to the afternoon when day time temperatures rise and stream flows rise. Part of this section also goes through a ski area so you will pass by ski lifts.

Access to: Pacific Crest Trail

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Current Conditions: As of 9/20/2016 Trail has been maintained.
Information Center: Hood River Ranger District



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