Grouse Viewing Blinds - Fort Pierre

Area Status: Open

Viewing blinds are set up each spring to watch the mating dances of prairie grouse. The prairie grouse spring courtship viewing blinds are available, by reservation, April to mid-May. 

The blinds have small square viewing windows for observing and photographing birds as they are dancing and booming on their display grounds, also known as leks. The blinds are 4 foot wide by 8 foot long by 5 foot tall unheated plywood structures with an open floor, so please plan accordingly for chilly weather.

These viewing blinds are not guided experiences. When reservations are made, maps and information will be sent to assist viewers in finding the blind and parking locations.  

Viewing tips:

  • Dress warmly and bring a blanket. 
  • Bring binoculars, a spotting scope or a camera with telephoto lens. A flashlight will help navigate the dark.
  • Find your blind sometime the day before you’re scheduled to sit in it. As it's easier to find the turnoff in sunlight.
  • Forest Service roads become difficult to navigate in wet weather. Bring a four-wheel-drive car or park on the highway shoulder, if in doubt.

At a Glance

Reservations: Reservations required. Call the Fort Pierre National Grassland Office at (605) 224-5517.
Fees: No fee
Usage: Medium-Heavy
Water: No
Restroom: No
Operated By: Forest Service
Information Center: Fort Pierre Ranger District
1020 North Deadwood Street
Fort Pierre, SD 57532
(605) 224-5517

General Information


Grouse viewing blinds can be found on the Fort Pierre National Grassland which is located south of Pierre, South Dakota and north of Interstate 90. Each year the grouse blinds are moved to a new location providing visitors with opportunities to experience different leks across the grassland.

Since there are no established parking lots, temporary parking lots are located a short distance from the blind and are indicated on the ground using pin flags.


Viewing Wildlife

Species Prairie Grouse: Greater Prairie-Chicken and Sharp-tailed Grouse
Status: Open
Reservation required?: Y
Difficulty Level: Easy

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