Glover Ridge Trail #704

Trail begins at Glover Campground at an elevation of 1710 feet and ends 13 miles on Roundtop Mountain on Coolwater Road # 317 at 6800 feet. It is a difficult steep climb and is part of the East Boyd-Glover Roundtop Trail as explained in Trail # 703 remarks. This trail offers scenic views of the surrounding mountains and canyons.

At a Glance

Fees: No Fee.
Information Center: Moose Creek Ranger District, 208-926-4258

General Information


Road 223 to Roundtop Glover Campground



Start at Glover campground and connect to other trails to make a good backpack loop.

Elevation desc This trail starts at 1710 feet and ends at 6800 feet.
Difficulty Level: Difficult

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  Area/Length : 
12.8 miles

  Elevation : 
1710 feet - 6800 feet