Dutchman's Creek Trail Hwy 24/27

Area Status: Open
Map includes the southern portion of the Uwharrie Trail, Dutchman's Cr. Trail & all Wood Run Trails

Dutchman's Creek Trail, marked with yellow blazes, starts at the same point as the Uwharrie Trail, at the parking lot on Hwy 24/27, and was constructed as a loop system to be used as an alternate route when hiking the southern portion of the Uwharrie Trail. Dark Mountain, on the northern portion of the trail offers an excellent western view. Camping areas along the trail include Woodrun Camp, Yates Place Camp, West Morris Mountain Campground and other primitive camps. Old home sites, cemeteries, and gold mines exist along or near the trail.

Length:19 miles (Uwharrie Trail); 11 miles ( Dutchman's Creek Trail)
Recommended Season: Year Round
Use: Medium to Heavy
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Trail Beginning: Trailhead parking on Highway 24/27, 10 miles west of Troy.

Trail End: Trailhead parking on SR 1306, 2 miles east of Ophir.

Access: Three main trailhead parking lots provide  access to  the trail. These include the beginning and ending points, and one on Highway 109, eight miles west of Troy. Other roads also cross the trail.

Attractions And Considerations:

Hikers can thank an old-time trapper's son, Joe Moffit of Asheboro, for this trail. He blazed it  25-plus years ago. Moffit grew up in the Uwharries during the Great Depression and learned to live off the land at an early age. Moffit was a Scoutmaster when he started the Uwharrie Trail project in 1972 to help his Boy Scouts earn their Eagle rank. They completed the now well-known path in 1975 and founded the Uwharrie Trail Club.

There are plenty of streams in the forest, but all drinking water should be treated with a water purification kit to prevent trail diarrhea. Ticks plague the forest and can be kept at bay with repellent or the new mesh clothing on the market. Always keep a watch for the trophy timber rattlesnakes and copperheads that live in these woods.

At a Glance

Operational Hours: This trail is open year round.

No reservations needed.

Fees: No fees.
Usage: Medium-Heavy

General Information


The Wood Run Trailhead is located on NC Highway 24/27 between Albemarle and Troy. It is 10 miles west of the courthouse in Troy and 2 miles east of the bridge over the Lake Tillery/Pee Dee River.

General Notes:

You may camp anywhere on National Forest land, except in wildlife fields, at trailheads and within 200 feet of creeks.'

Please leave your campsite clean. Break up fire rings and other hand built structures.

Please take your trash out with you. There is a trash can located at  the parking area off of Highway 24/27 and at the Flint Hill trailhead location.

Boil, filter, or add tablets to any stream water before drinking or brushing teeth. Don't dump waste water in streams.

Don't cut live trees for firewood. Use dead wood; it burns much better than green wood.

Small campfires are permitted, but camp stoves are recommended. If you must have a fire, make sure it is dead out before you leave.

Uwharrie National Forest is also State Games Lands, so hunting is allowed in all areas of the forest. Please wear orange if you are going to be hiking or biking in the forest. It is not required, but is highly  recommended.


Parking is available at the Wood Run Trailhead on NC Highway 24/27, Highway 109 Trailhead and Flint Hill Road (SR 1306). No shuttle service is available.


Day Hiking

Hike Only
Fire Information Campfires are allowed. Can gather wood that is dead and down in forest.


Hike Only
Fire Information Campfires are allowed. Can gather wood that is dead and down in forest.

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities