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Hangover Lead Trail #56


Hangover Lead Trail is often described in “North” and “South” sections, as the trailhead is in the middle of this interior trail.  The Big Fat Gap Trailhead is at the end of the 7 mile long Forest Service Road #62.  This road starts across a bridge over the Cheoah River  on Route 129 in Graham County, 14 miles north of Robbinsville.  Properly called Slickrock Creek Road, it is known locally as Big Fat Gap Road.  At the trailhead, Hangover Lead “North” Trail leaves on the right hand side of the parking area.  Hangover Lead “South” leaves on the left.  Additionally, the Big Fat Trail and Windy Gap Trail also leave from this trailhead.

Hangover Lead “North”,  3.0 miles long, ascends steeply over Cold Spring Knob, then generally descends along the ridge, ending in a very steep descent into Yellow Hammer Gap, at a junction with the Belding and Tapoco Trails.  From that Gap, the trail descends 100 feet to terminate at the Ike Branch Trail Junction.

Hangover Lead “South”, 2.6 miles, ascends steeply along the ridge to a junction with Hangover Lead Alternate and Deep Creek Trails, then heading south 0.2 miles to terminate at the Haoe Lead Trail, very near the summit of Haoe.  This section offers many great views along its length.

Trail Length: 5.6 Miles

Difficulty: Strenuous

Usage: Moderate

Average Hiking Times: 5 hours up, 4 hours down



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