Boulder Cave Trail

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Entrance to Boulder Cave


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The Boulder Cave Trail begins at the parking lot of the picnic area and climbs gradually for 3/4 of a mile and then descends to the cave entrance.  The trail then leads 400' through the cave and then climbs steeply out of the canyon to the main trail.  There are interpretive signs along the trail explaining the geology of the area, plants, animals, and fire history. 

At a Glance

Operational Hours:  8 am to 7 pm 
Usage: Medium-Heavy
Best Season: Summer
Closest Towns: Naches, WA
Water: Pitcher Pump
Restroom: 2 (accessible)
Passes: A valid Recreation Pass is required at Boulder Cave Picnic Site.
Operated By: Forest Service

General Information

General Notes:

Boulder Cave Bats



Boulder Cave trail is a highly used trail leading to the cave.  The trail is dirt and becomes rougher as you descend into the canyon at the cave entrance.  From the parking area the trail leads uphill for approximately 3/4 of a mile.  The hardest part of the hike is walking up the trail from the cave exit.

Recent high water washed a lot of material off the cave trail and left it rough.  Don't attempt going through the cave without a flashlight and watch your step.

The recent outbreak of White Nose Syndrome in the east has left millions of bats dead.  Every precaution is being taken to protect the bats across the nation from the deadly fungus.  Boulder Cave has been identified as one show cave of high concern.  Everyone can do their part by staying on the trail and avoiding contact with the interior cave walls.

Around the end of June 2016, visitors can expect to be asked to brush off their shoes on a turf mat and boot brush immediately prior to entering cave, and upon exiting cave.


From Naches, WA take Highway 12 W for 4.4 miles and continue onto Highway 410 W and follow for another 25 miles past the community of Cliffdell.  Then turn left on Forest Road 1704 / Old River Road, cross the bridge over the Naches River, take a right and follow the road to the end.

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