Grass Camp Trail #1219


SETTING: Creek valley, meadows, forest, ridgetop.

Provides a good loop trip. From Naneum Meadows, the trail follows a small stream uphill and onto a plateau.  At the 1.25 mile point, the Grass Camp Tie Trail #1219.1 takes off to the left and heads downhill towards Haney Meadows. The trail continues along the rim, eventually heading southwest and downhill. Finally it descends a steep ridge and reaches the junction with Howard Creek Trail #1372.

At a Glance

Operational Hours: Seasonal Closure in effect October 15 through June 15 yearly. Closed to motorized vehicles during that time.

General Information


Trail can be accessed from Naneum Creek Trail #1381 at Naneum Meadows, Howard Creek Trail #1372, and Grass Camp Tie #1219.1 out of Haney Meadows.




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Horse Riding & Camping

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Horse Riding

A fine and varied dayride forming a long loop with other local trails.

Difficulty Level: Moderate