Lake Ann Trail #1226.2


From the south end, the trail begins at the junction with Esmerelda Trail 1394 in a high basin of the North Fork Teanaway and climbs to a ridge overlooking Lake Ann. It then crosses the basin of Fortune Creek to Van Epps Pass, crossing a 4x4 trail, passes through the basin of North Fork Fortune Creek, then climbs over a ridge and descends into Scatter Creek and the northern terminus at the junction with Scatter Creek Trail 1328. This trail is rather rugged, steep and narrow. It is difficult to find in a few places due to the light use. There is water in numerous places along this trail. There also several campsites along the trail.

SETTING: Meadows, riparian areas, ridgetops, lake, open hillsides, wildflowers, meadows, subalpine zone. 

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Snowbound

General Information


The shortest access is via Esmeralda Basin Trail 1394.



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Horse Riding & Camping

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