Feather Falls National Recreation Trail

Area Status: Closed

Don’t leave your camera behind! Feather Falls National Recreation Trail offers incredible views of Bald Rock Dome, Bald Rock Canyon, and the 640-foot Feather Falls.

There are two options to reach the overlook at Feather Falls.

At 1/3 mile past the trailhead, the trail diverges. For the more experienced hiker, take the steep 3.3 mile path to the west, which features about two miles of uphill grade.

The gently sloping 4.5 mile path to the east is ideal for the inexperienced hiker.

The two trails converge approximately 1/2 mile before reaching the Feather Falls observation deck.

Allow a minimum of four to five hours to hike the nine-mile loop. Take plenty of water. Restrooms and non-potable water are available at the trailhead near the parking area, but bring drinking water or a water purifier for the hike. Safety fences near Feather Falls are there for your protection; do not climb over them. The trail is located in a remote area; bring a first aid kit. Poison oak, ticks, bears, and other wildlife are common in the area; be aware and be prepared.

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Current Conditions: Recreation site is closed due to fire damage per Forest Closure Order 05-11-03-22-01 through March 29, 2024, unless can be lifted earlier. Visitors should always checkĀ Alerts and Notices on the Plumas National Forest website.
Operational Hours: Closed
Usage: Heavy

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